Top Law Schools in West Virginia


Top Law Schools in West Virginia

If you are a law student and want to study law in top law schools in West Virginia. Find the best law schools and universities in West Virginia. Top Law Schools in West Virginia are West Virginia University College of Law, American Public University, Marshall University, Fairmont State University, West Virginia State University.

  1. American Public University
  2. West Virginia University College of Law
  3. Marshall University
  4. West Virginia State University
  5. Wheeling Jesuit University

American Public University

This university located in Charles Town, founded in 2002. American Public University offers affordable, flexible and quality education. When comes to the law or legal studies, university offers different kind of courses and degrees in legal and law studies. The first one is the undergraduate legal studies, which consists of 8 weeks or 16 weeks studies. University offers two levels of degrees, the Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Both degrees are offered on line, the Bachelors of science legal studies consists of 4 years and have 120 credits and 90 credits are transferable for $270 per credit with $250 military grant.

The degree offers in detail knowledge about the U.S. court system, legal writing and research, legal practice, and various types of law. Besides these, other courses included civil and criminal processes, governance, and the theory and philosophy of justice.

While masters degree program is for two years, with 36 total number of credits and 15 credits are transferable. This degree program also offered online and monthly course as Master of Arts and Legal studies for $350 per credit and $325 military grant. The Master of Arts in Legal Studies degree allows the students for better understanding of law. This degree enables the students to know about the concepts of legal principles, legal theories and concepts, and legal issue related to workplace. After that the Master degrees help the students can start their in government, business, and other industries as well. 


West Virginia University College of Law

West Virginia University College of Law located in Morgantown, was established in 1878. And since 1923 this Law College is approved from American Bar Association. West Virginia University College of Law is nationally acknowledged and recognized top-ranked law school and affordable for very student. The Specialty of this College of Law that besides the regular law degree, it offers two degrees as well for 4 years for $37,818. For the first annual of law school, students learn the fundamentals of law. That includes criminal law, torts, civil procedure rules contracts, legal reasoning and writing, and introduction to legal research.

For the the second year, students will have freedom to select courses in a specialty. And will complete three more necessary courses and a seminar. Students by participating in a clinical law program or an immigration law clinic can also receive practical experience as well.  Other than the law degree, West Virginia University College of Law also offers two joint degrees as well. Students can choose law degree with a Master of Business Administration (JD/MBA) and a law degree with a Master of Public Administration (JD/MPA). Besides that, students aids and scholarships are also available for students as well. 


Marshall University

Marshall University was established in 1974 and located John Marshall Drive Huntington, WV. This university offers degree in criminal justice and criminology. While Marshall University offers two degree programs. the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Accelerated Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Well the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice is there to give undergraduate students knowledge about the criminal justice system and education. Presently, studies has been offered in conventional manner, with few classes are run online. Second degree which university offers is the Master of Science in Criminal Justice. This degree offers the students with advance level of legal, theoretical and the methodological training, management in careers in criminal justice.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice provides students with advanced theoretical, legal, and methodological training for research, teaching, and management careers in criminal justice. The Master of Science in criminal justice degree program is designed for professionals, to enhance their knowledge and understanding of criminal justice professionals. This law schools also offers online degree for student in order to provide flexible and accessible studies. While another degree is the Accelerated Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice for the undergraduates of university students, who are already enrolled. This program will help them to reduce their number of credits of hours up to 12 for the Bachelor degree. University also offers students aids and scholarships for students as well.

FAIRMOUNT State Univeristy

Fairmont State University based in 1201 Locust Avenue Fairmount offers degrees in the Criminal Justice Program degree. University is offering degrees in Bachelors and Masters of Science in Criminal Justice. This study aim to examines the Criminal Justice structure and how it function, Moreover it also provides the deeps analysis involves the decision making process of agencies related to crime and justice. Not only has that university offered to give expertise regarding law enforcement, criminal law, investigations procedures the Bachelor program consists of 8 Semesters, while Master degree with two years.

The Masters Degree program offers instruction in criminal law and policy, police and correctional systems organization, the administration of justice and the judiciary, and public attitudes regarding a wide range of criminal justice issues. Bachelors programs also offer the flexible as online degree as well. Both the degrees have some required courses and some elective courses as well. The Bachelors and Masters degrees have study tracks, which allow the students to select their interest of tracks. Financial Aids and Scholarships are also there for the students.

West Virginia State University

West Virginia State University located in Institute, WV. The West Virginia State University offers B.S in Criminal Justice Degree. The program length consists from 2-4 years, with 120 credits hours and 72 credits hours transferable. The state university is offering is B.S program online. It offers recent criminal justice system and its association with society. The set of courses are arranged by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. The course work provides the complete study, regarding laws, criminal law, reasons, hence in depth study of crime from a theoretical and practical framework. Besides the B.S in Criminal and Justice Degree, the West Virginia State University offers online course for the degree as well.

While WUSU’ also offers, The Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration program designed for six semesters with final examination. Students have to complete 12 courses with 36 credit hours. And they have to take 2 courses for their whole sic semesters. Tuition for WVSU’s online undergraduate programs is $316 per credit hour. The online course fee for undergraduate programs is $160 per course. Graduate tuition is $422 per credit hour. The online course fee for graduate programs is $234 per course. Students can also avail the scholarships an financial assistance.

Wheeling Jesuit University

Wheeling Jesuit University is situated in Wheeling, West Virginia. This private university offers Pre-Law school degree. The Wheeling Jesuit University offers best program to Pre-law students, which includes the Pre-law internships, a distinct course curriculum, LSAT preparation and special discussion group in legal research. Other than this, the private university offers the curses in Criminal and Justice Program as Major subject as well. Being a private university, the fee of the courses and quite affordable, but university also provides $20 million scholarships as financial aids to its students with 99% aid ratio.


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