Top Law Schools in Virginia


Top Law Schools in Virginia

Being a law student, the most important part is to choose the right law school, college or university. And if your are confused with selecting the top law schools in Virginia, we are here to help you. Here you can find the top law schools and universities in Virginia. So, the top law schools in Virginia are George Mason University-Antonin Scalia School of Law, William & Mary Law School, Washington and Lee University School of Lawn and University of Virginia School of Law.

George Mason University-Antonin Scalia School of Law

George Mason University-Antonin Scalia School of Law is ranked 21st in USA and located in Arlington, Virginia. Antonin Scalia School of Law offers different degrees; the one is the Juris Master for professionals and lawyer. The other degree is the LL.M in different areas if the Law, JD/MBA Joint Degree, JD/MPP Joint Degree and JD Degree. While talking about academic prospect, Scalia law schools offers two high ranked research centers, the one is the Law and Economics Center, the second one is the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property. Coming to the first degree is the Joint Degree program, which offers two year part time program based on 30 credits.

This JD offers six different areas including criminal justice,  employment and Labor relations, government contracts and regulation, intellectual property and technology, financial and commercial services and national security, cyber security and information privacy. On the other hand, The Scalia Law School has designed four Master of Laws (LL.M) Degrees in the different disciplines. These LL.M degrees are in Global Antitrust Law & Economics, U.S. Law, Intellectual Property, and Law & Economics. These degree are based on Full time for 12 months with fee of $38,087.The other option is part time, which based on 24 months in all above mentioned areas with fee of $22,701.

While the Joint Degree JD/MBA, is a full time degree program of 3 years. Despite that, The JD/M.P.P Joint Degree Program in Law and Public Policy offers the students to do master the basics of legal and policy analysis.

William & Mary Law School

The William & Mary Law School, is the one of the oldest law school in the America and situated at Williamsburg, Virginia. This Law school is the second oldest college and first university in the country. This law school offers a three-year J.D. degree program of full-time study and the joint degrees of four years for two degrees Law and Master of Business Administration, the second one is the Law and Master of Public Policy or  Law and Master of Arts in American Studies.

Not only that, the school also has LL.M program for international students in American Legal system. While LL.M. program is designed for foreign-educated students and attorneys who want to compete in an increasingly globalized legal world. This degree designed for two-semester, and the full-time degree program starts in the fall or spring semester and ends with graduation in mid-May or January.

Despite that, students must have to  take part in a compulsory Law Week, that starts one week before the official start of the semester. It offers a series of classes regarding American legal system as well as legal writing and research. On the other hand, all students are mandatory to participate in all Law Week proceedings.

Washington and Lee University School of Law

The Washington and Lee University School of Law is a small private law school in Virginia. Washington and Lee School of Law based in the college town of Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. This law school only offer graduate degree program designed for 3 years with total tuition fee of $48,375. While breaking down the syllabus of the degree the first year at law school offers the basic courses.

While in the second year students take their elective subjects and the third year is based on the engagement of lawyer. In this year students will have practical; experience through practice-based imitations, and can choose their own subjects based on their interests in the specific area of law. Besides that students can involve themselves in legal journals at the law school, the Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice, the German Law Journal and Washington and Lee Law Review.

University of Virginia School of Law

University of Virginia School of Law is located at Charlottesville city and founded in 1819 in Virginia. University of Virginia School of Law ranked 9 in American law schools. Besides the college offers more than dozen law courses regarding different fields and area, it offers JD degree and the LL.M degree. For the overseas law graduates, the LL.M program not only offers to give an extensive introduction to American law and legal theory, but also provides the modern training in specialized areas of law. 

These areas may be related to pursue career in private practice, academics, or public service. Because, the Virginia a School of Law offers more than 270 courses and other educational programs. These educational programs includes, Program in Law and Public Service, International Law, Constitutional Law/Legal History, Criminal Law, Tax Law, Human Rights, Center for the Study of Race and Law, Environmental and Land Use Law, Immigration Law and Intellectual Property. Other programs are, Health Law, Public Policy and Regulation, Externships Program, Program in Law & Humanities and Animal Law Program.



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