Top Law Colleges in Lahore

Law Colleges in Lahore
Law Colleges in Lahore

Living in Lahore Pakistan for educational purpose can be very interesting. Lahore is related to very old educational history. Do you want to choose law as a career and looking for best Law colleges in Lahore. We will provide you complete list of Law Colleges in Lahore. Below is the list of top law colleges in Lahore based on the college reputation and students feedback. Furthermore, you can find complete listing of best law colleges in Pakistan to get the better idea about overall possibilities in this sector.

Top 40 Law Colleges in Lahore

S.No.Law CollegeProgram
1Bahauddin Zakariya University, LahoreLLB, 3 Years
2University Of The PunjabLLB [HONS], 5 Years
3Lahore University Of Management SciencesLLB, 5 Years
4Lahore Leads UniversityLLB, 5 Years
5Riphah International University LahoreLLB, 5 Years
6The University Of Lahore ( Main Campus )LLB, 5 Years
7The Superior UniversityLLB, 3 Years
8Kinnaird College For WomenLLB, 5 Years
9University Of South AsiaLLB, 5 Years
10University Of Central PunjabLLB, 5 Years
11University College LahoreLLB [HONS], 5 Years
12University Of Management And TechnologyLLB, 5 Years
13Himayat-e-islam Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
14University Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
15Himayat-i-islam Degree College For WomenLLB, 3 Years
16Punjab Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
17P S E CollegeLLB, 3 Years
18Asian Law CollegeLLB, 3/5 Years
19City Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
20Global Law CollegeLLB, 3/5 Years
21Hamayat Islam Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
22Himayat-i-islam Degree College For WomenLLB, 3 Years
23Lahore Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
24Leads Law College, TownshipLLB, 5 Years
25National Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
26Pak Vision CollegeLLB, 3 Years
27Pakistan College Of LawLLB, 3 Years
28Punjab Law CollegeLLB, 5 Years
29Quaid-e-azam Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
30School Of LawLLB, 3 Years
31Shams Tabrez Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
32Superior College Of LawLLB, 4 Years
33The Institute Of Legal StudiesLLB [HONS], 5 Years
34The Limit Group Of CollegesLLB, 3 Years
35The Millennium University CollegeLLB, 5 Years
36Toppers Law CollegeLLB, 3 Years
38Institute Of LawLLB, 3 Years
39Wise Institute Of Law & Judicial AcademyLLB, 3 Years
40The Law SchoolLLB, 3 Years


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