Why Study Law ?

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While stepping into law degree you have to decide what subject you have to opt as your major, if your law school or your law degree offers to specialize in any subject then there are choices available for you to select among different law majors. Generally best law schools of 2020 covers all major law subjects so that the student gets acquainted with all basic laws and their applications. The jurisprudence is the science of law. It is a compulsory course. In some countries law supporting subjects such as Linguistics, economy, sociology, psychology and political science are also compulsory subjects. If you are doing LLB or J.D you may have to cover all subjects but if you are doing Masters in law or any specific legal course you may have a choice to select the major law subject of your interest. Law subjects touch almost all fields of life.

Why Study Law ?

The main question asked form any law student is why do you want to pursue Law as a career? Most of the students says it’s their passion to study law whereas other says to law is important because they want to know their rights and help others understand their rights. Going to Law school could be a passion or necessity but understand the law is very important. Thus for every law student the “Law Degree” is the most important thing. If you want to life a successful life you must know about your rights, which you can only understand by staying law.  The law deals with almost every aspect of life for example jurisprudence law deals with religious, medical, cultural jurisprudence of life. Environmental law deals with the nature and cover all aspects of environmental issues. Whereas constitutional law and administrative law deals with constitution and administration of the country in which you are living. Thus studying law can be beneficial for you in all ways of life. Let’s discuss this in details how Law Study is important in every field of life:

why study law

Jurisprudence Law:

It is the theory and basic science of law. It provides us with basic principles and maxims of law. It may include western jurisprudence, medical jurisprudence, your respective Religious jurisprudence e.g. Islamic Jurisprudence, etc. The one interested to be a teacher of law or interpreter of law may get this major to understand its philosophy.

Constitutional law:

It is the Supreme law of any land that means country; all other laws are subject to this piece of law. It may be a legislative Act or conventional unwritten customs, depends upon which country you live in. For instance, U.K has an unwritten Constitution while the USA has written and rigid types of law.

Administrative Law:

You may opt administrative law if you are interested to be a part of Governmental executive or private administration laws under this head will turn you apt at administrative legal matters. E.g. Federal services laws or registration laws.

Criminal Law:

It revolves around the administration of criminal justice of land and the public. It regulates the behavior of individuals so that they commit any crime and ruin the piece of society. Does it include substantive laws that what an offense is? And its procedural law, that how the offender is tried and be punished.

Civil Law:

It is the loose name of every such law which deals with any matter relating to private parties, they may be bilateral or trilateral issues. Generally, the Constitution of Land is also attributed to Civil Law.

Business law:

All laws about business and transactions come under the umbrella of Business Law. It may be about a local business or international business. It may include the company’s laws or partnership laws and law goes on as types of business and transactions going on.

Intellectual property law:

If you know the importance of a “brainchild” term then you must pick it as your major law subject. It gives protection to the creation of an individual’s creativity, invention or sometimes discovery. It includes copyrights, letter patents, trademarks, geographical indications and likewise things.

Revenue and taxation laws:

If you know or want to know how the government gets its income to spend on the public and how the public becomes entitled to demand protection of their rights. You may choose this major. It comes with your taxes and cases and about their rules and regulations. It is the study of all revenue-generating fields of the government.

Family law:

You may choose an interesting and sometimes boring subject if you are choosing this subject. You must be a person who is interested in family politics and even in gossips to some extent. The real family lawyer comes out of yourself when you get married; apart from joking it is the real thing, trust me.

Human Rights Law:

Human rights law that will deal with human rights. For this selecting this subject you must have a sensitive heart and you must believe in the fundamental rights of an individual. The scope of becoming a social activist is much more if you select this.

Environmental law:

If you are an admirer of nature and know the working of an ecosystem you must take environmental law as your major. If you think you can contribute effectively in well being if Mother Nature and Earth you should have a law degree containing major environmental law.

Drugs Law:

Drugs Law shows that you are interested in the betterment of people who are vulnerable to mental or physical weakness or disease. These laws may consist of medication drugs or psychotropic drugs. The gives rules and regulations for which you may fight in Court for the betterment of society and eradication of illegal drugs with your motto “SAY NO TO DRUGS”.

Labor Law:

If you know the pain and tough job the laborer class does its better you become their voice, protect their exploitation and fight for their rights and advocate or behavior from society towards them, labor Laws will be the best option to choose as your major.

Consumer Law:

One of the emerging specialization subjects is consumer law. If you are sick of frauds of the market then you better know how to serve them with an effective legal notice and how to secure your right to get genuine product or service you paid for. Make yourself a legal representative of those dodged class.

Is a Law School Good Choice?

If you are intelligent, Sharp, eager to learn, spied in nature, jack of all trades, then why not. Take it and enjoy its benefits. If you are interested then make it for sure as your professional choice. It has a wider scope. From the department of education to the highest Department of your country, they need a law degree holder. Give them your skills and get back your pay package. Otherwise, private practice is in your hands. And yes the most important, authority in your palm will be destined.

How hard is law school?

In many ways, law school is difficult. But is law school so difficult? It depends. Law school is difficult absolutely. No one can cape with its challenges. It challenges every time with a new face. Either you are in it or out of it in the field. If you like to live in a comfort zone then never chose law school. Be at home. If you like to step outside your comfort zone then carry it and make it to the level o0f commitment. Make an account of yourself. Are you capable of facing crises? Is your mind able to solve in difficult times reflexively, are you a good arbitrator, do you know psychology? Are you good at financial charts?  Will your family and friends spare you on not attending functions?  Think about all that and the make a decision. You also have to see can you live a life of a soldier at the border or to very care you a good actor. If all answers will be yes the do join it. Be ready to compete with the best minds of your age.

How to become a good law student ?

law student

You must keep in mind your interest before selecting a Law major for example if you are more concern about human rights, you should choose human rights law as a major. It will be easier and interesting for you to study the human rights law as a subject. If you are very keen about environment then you should study environmental law. If you like a challenging life then you should choose criminal law as a career. Criminal law deal with all kind of criminal activities and it is rapidly changes as new ways of committing crimes are introduced. Similarly you have the option to choose jurisprudence law as it deals with religion, medical and state related issues.

Lawyers often have to study, understand what they are perusing in the case. The Lawyer should be able to analyze it and think of ways to use what they learn in their cases. There is often a lot of thinking involved in terms of certain laws that are in place and why and how those laws are applied in each case.


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