Top Law Schools in Pennsylvania


Top Law Schools in Pennsylvania

When students talk about the top law schools in Pennsylvania. It means they talk about the Pennsylvania State University The Dickinson School of Law, Villanova University School of Law, and University of Pennsylvania Law School. These are top law school in Pennsylvania  and offers the best law academics. So, students can find the every necessary details they wanted to know before selecting the top law schools in Pennsylvania.

Top Law Schools in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State University The Dickinson School of Law

Pennsylvania State University the Dickinson School of Law is located Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The Dickinson School of Law offers two degrees in J.D and LL.M. besides that the law college offers Joint degree Programs. The Dickinson School of Law designed law certificate programs as well. In order to get the Juris Doctor Degree, students have to earn 88 Credit hours. The LL.M. degree is a 24-credit based program.

It span is one academic year course of study. Students must enroll in at least 12 credits per semester and may enroll in no more than 17 credits per semester. Not only that, students can have up to six credits towards your J.D. degree from approved graduate level courses offered by other Penn State departments. Students can have Joint Degree in J.D/MBA, M.P. A, and Masters in Public Health. Students who wanted to study in state or in another state will pay tuition fee $50,582 full-time.

Villanova University School of Law

Villanova University’s Charles Widger School of Law is a law school and part of the Villanova University System located in Villanova. The Charles Widger School of Law offers different Law Degrees, the Juris Doctor Program for Three Years. Then there are joint degree programs includes JD/MBA, JD/LL.M in Taxation. 

So, students can have both the JD and the graduate law degree in taxation and with LL.M in one additional semester. Besides that, Law College offers JD/LL,M in International Studies, LL.M in Taxation, an online degree program and JD/M.P.A. Alongside these there is Graduate degree in Taxation as well for.

The tuition fee for degrees is $46,535. Students can take advantage of the location by contribution in school-approved and student-proposed externship. It includes externships with Philadelphia-area judges and criminal prosecution externships with district attorneys in Philadelphia and the nearby counties.

University of Pennsylvania

The University Of Pennsylvania Law School is the law school of the University of Pennsylvania located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Law School is among the most selective and oldest law schools in the world. It is currently ranked 7th overall by U.S. News & World Report. University of Pennsylvania Law School offers Juris Doctor Program alongside LL.M program. While, there are three LL.M graduate Programs includes LL.M, LL.CM and S.J.D come within the Graduate Programs.

The LL.C.M is the one year Masters in Comparative law, The Doctor of Juridical Science S.J.D is the highest law degree offered by the University of Pennsylvania. Then the law college offers Masters in Law ML and Law students can also earn an additional degree in three years. So they can complete both a J.D. and another degree, including an M.B.A, a master’s in bioethics and master of City & Regional Planning. With $80 application fee, students can pay $65,804 for their tuition fee.


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