Top Law Schools in South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, USA skyline over the Ashley River.

Top Law Schools in South Carolina

The area of study always determines the nature and interest of students. Those students, who always wanted to know about the future learning institutes, always pick the best for them. And those who have made their mind to study law and to study in top law schools in South Carolina. It good news for them, students can find the details not only regarding the top law schools in South Carolina but about best law universities as well. The Top Law Schools in South Carolina are Charleston School of Law and University of South Carolina School of Law.

Charleston School of Law

Charleston School of Law established in 2003 and located at Charlestown South Carolina. The Charleston school of law offers degrees besides their courses program in law. Te school of law designed LL.M programs and Juris Doctor Program as well. The Masters in Law in Admiralty and Maritime Law program has 24-credit hours, and it can be completed in one academic year. After graduate, students will receive an LL.M degree in Admiralty and Maritime Law. Other than this The Charleston School of Law also has a full-time and part-time course of study leading to a Juris Doctor degree.

It is expected that students enrolling in the full-time division will graduate in three years and those in the part-time division in four years. While for student’s requirement to get the graduation degree, they must have to study for 24 months. Taking about the credit hours, for full-time students, they need to complete 13-17 credit hours per fall or spring semester; for summer standard session, the standard course load is 12 credit hours. And for the part-time students need to complete 8-12 credit hours each semester and the standard course load is 9 credit hours. Alongside that Charleston School of Law also offers JD/ MBA dual degree as well. While the tuition fee for the full time $42,134.

University of South Carolina School of Law

University of South Carolina School of Law is located at 1525 Senate Street Columbia, South Carolina. This law school university is the only public and one of the professional schools of the University of South Carolina established in 1867. And the school got accredited by the American Bar Association in 1925. University of South Carolina School of Law offers Juris Doctor Program based on three years and it also offers dual degree program for the students.

Coming to J.D program, with three years program for 90 credits hours, first year courses are mandatory subjects’ ranges from criminal law, contracts, torts, civil procedures, introduction to legal profession, constitutional law and others. Hence for second and third years, students will select their own interest of study for the specialization. Other than these subjects, children’s law concentration is also ad addition subject which students have to complete. Alongside the J.D degree students cans also get another degree, and there are many subjects and areas to choose from. For the tuition fee in USA for the degree is $29, 608 and if wanted to go abroad, it will costs $54,502.


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