Top Sports Law Schools in the World

Sports Law
Sports Law

Sports law is the combination of different kinds of laws that are directly related to the rules and regulations of sports. Sports law also deals with legal services, terms, and conditions related to overall sports industry. It directly affects the physical and mental health of an athlete. To get the best knowledge in sports it becomes necessary to get the admission in the best sports law Schools of the word.

What is sports law and why is it significant?

Sports law a regulatory system that commands obedience as a requirement for participation in any sports. These laws apply to all the players who take part in whatever level from the Olympics games to the Sunday morning cricket games. Sports law governs the sports industry by providing a wide variety of laws such as contract law, personal injury law, criminal trademark law, and administration in the sports. Sports law sets up a legal platform that is designed to assist people in locating sources relevant to many issues related to sports.

A sports lawyer manages the laws of sports by negotiating contracts and advising sporting celebrities. Sports law impacts both types of players who play professionally and recreationally. A professional athlete relies on contract law as he plays according to a legal agreement. Personal injury laws support him if a player gets injured while playing. Rules for coaches and athletes are set up by the sports law and sports lawyers help them by implementing these laws. 

Top 20 Sports Law Schools in the World

RankSports Law SchoolLocation
1Thomas Jefferson School of LawSan Diego, California
2The University of MississippiUniversity, Mississippi
3University of North CarolinaChapel Hill, North Carolina
4Villanova UniversityVillanova, Pennsylvania
5University of LondonLondon, United Kingdom 
6University of Zurich - Faculty of LawZürich, Switzerland
7University of Miami School of LawMiami, Florida 
8Instituto Superior de Derecho (ISDE)Madrid, Spain
9Leicester De Montfort University Law SchoolLeicester, United Kingdom 
10Loyola Law School Los AngelesLos Angeles, California
11Pepperdine University School of LawMalibu, California 
12Nottingham Law School (NLS)Nottingham, United Kingdom
13University de Lausanne (UNIL)Lausanne, Switzerland
14Arizona State University (ASU)Phoenix, Arizona
15University of NeuchâtelNeuchâtel, Switzerland
16Thomas Jefferson School of Law (TJSL)San Diego, California 
17Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of LawPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
18University BayreuthBayreuth, Germany
19Universidad Austral - Faulted de DerechoBuenos Aires, Argentina
20Sheffield Hallam UniversitySheffield, United Kingdom

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Types of sports law?

Usually, sports law has many types of law confined. There is a vast field of laws that are directly or indirectly related to sports law such as contract law, personal injury law, trademark law, criminal law, and athletic administration in sports. 

Trademark rights are the fundamentals on which sports activities manufacturers construct their popularity and industrial value. Thousands of local, state, and federal administrative agencies which are specialized bodies created by the government to form rules and regulations, conduct hearings similar to the court trials.

Sports activities regulation is as unpredictable as an athletic contest as it isn’t always static. As issues in sports continue to change and grow, laws should also evolve accordingly. So, sports lawyers must work with evolving situations.

Becoming a Sports Lawyer

Sports legal professionals or lawyers deal with the legal issues of their participants, which may consist of individual players, athletes, education staff, or even complete teams. They also ensure and take care of the things that happen off the pitch, ensuring their participants can remain 100% focused on their performances. Sports lawyer perform their duties as private attorneys or house attorneys. He works for the individual player as a private attorney. As a housing attorney, he represents a professional sports team.

These lawyers have a vast understanding of the different areas of law that are related to sports. Sports lawyers defend their players in court against legal issues and in lawsuits for breach of contract or any other issues. To become a sports lawyer is not an easy task as it takes much concentration, dedication, and focus on work. He not only earns a high income but also, gains a lot of respect from the world and is part of a global phenomenon.

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Is sports law a good career?

Sports law ensures that the players should be given equal opportunities and also, they have the right to choose whatever field they like. They make sure that the players aren’t discriminated against because of their race, religion, or size. Fair opportunity is provided to each player as the talent and skills are the main requirements. Economic benefits are also awarded to the players. Sports law also provides fair remunerations to the players. Just like all the other people in the country, they also receive fair pay and they have to pay taxes to the government. If the player doesn’t pay taxes, legal actions can be taken against him.

Sports law also secures the employment of the players. Without due reasons, they are not dismissed from their employments. Sports laws are dictated by the sports lawyers when a player is at fault and a fair balance is maintained. To keep the system legally regulated and balanced the players must follow particular guidelines that are assigned to them.

Healthcare services are also provided to the players when they get injured during play. After getting better, they have the right to resume their work. If a player can no longer play after permanent injuries, he or she is granted compensation. 


Sports law has appeared as an independent field of law that shows perceptions of those who practice, teach, and engage in scholarship related to sports law. A challenge for sports lawyers is to recognize and understand the legal issues, effectively manages such issues. Sports laws prove very beneficial and can be a fun way to practice serious business for everyone that is directly or indirectly related to this field. It is very beneficial for the player and contactors.


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