What is entertainment law?

Entertainment law, also known to as media law which provides legal services to the entertainment industry like TV, film, music, publishing, advertising, Internet & news media and intellectual property law etc. Entertainment law is the best specialization area of practice during law graduation. Entertainment or media Law is defined as the legal services, terms, and conditions that provided to the media industry. It helps to secure your rights and clear your liabilities. The best entertainment law schools plays a very important role in creating a powerful media industry.

Types of entertainment law?

The entertainment law has many types of law combined with specially in united states of America. There are vast filed of laws that are directly or indirectly combines with entertainment law such as:

  • Film
  • Multimedia
  • Music
  • Internet
  • Publishing
  • TV and radio
  • Theatre
  • Visual arts

The lawyer associates to the entertainment law help you to understand these laws, regulate them, and helps you to apply according to the law as well. it also helps the clients and parties to negotiates and resolves all the related terms and conditions of the entertainment law to get proper rights too. In this way, different types of entertainment law are interconnected and help the users to get legal rights.

Where to study entertainment law in USA?

The entertainment law has overlapped with intellectual property law. United states has very powerful law infrastructure. When it comes to entertainment law in USA, things become even more hard. For example If you are perusing a law career in Florida you have to check the top law schools in Florida and choose the best suitable option. US entertainment industry is progressing rapidly and so its media laws. So one should be very careful while working in USA media industry. It is better to find the best entertainment law schools in United States. You can say that in entertainment law you will get all those services that secure and protect your intellectual property. These services protect your intellectual trademark, copyrights, and right of publicity as well. entertainment law helps you to fair organize your program. It fulfils proper legal formalities to held program inside and outside of the country. This law also clears the limitation of producing a play.

Top 15 Entertainment Law Schools in USA

NoEntertainment Law SchoolLocation
1Harvard Law SchoolCambridge, MA 02138
2University of CaliforniaLos Angeles, CA 90095
3Fordham UniversityThe Bronx, NY 10458
4New York UniversityNew York, NY 10003
5University of Southern California777-785 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
6UCLA School of Law385 Charles E Young Dr E, Los Angeles, CA
7USC Gould School of Law699 W Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
8UC Berkeley School of Law225 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA
9Columbia Law School435 W 116th St, New York, NY
10George Washington Law School 2000 H St NW, Washington, DC
11Georgetown Law600 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC
12Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law55 5th Ave, New York, NY
13Loyola Law School919 Albany St, Los Angeles, CA
14NYU School of Law40 Washington Square S, New York, NY
15University of Michigan Law School 625 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI

The University of Southern California

The University of Southern California Gould School of Law has gained notoriety for its Entertainment Law program. Notwithstanding being instructed by top diversion chiefs and taking center classes essential to any amusement lawyer’s instructive foundation, for example, agreements and protected innovation, USC law understudies likewise partake in the school’s Entertainment Law Society and can take advantage of USC’s profound graduated class network in media outlets. An Entertainment Practicum is additionally accessible; this course permits understudies to pick up credit for reaching out close by an administering lawyer inside the diversion field.

University of California at Los Angeles

Additionally situated in Los Angeles, the University of California at Los Angeles’ Entertainment and Media Law Program offers a diversion law educational plan to both upper-level Juris Doctor understudies and Master of Law understudies. Notwithstanding in-class guidance, UCLA Law School gives chances to understudies to connect with their enthusiasm for diversion law past the study hall. Regardless of whether it is dealing with the “Diversion Law Review,” finishing an externship or taking an interest in the school’s famous yearly Entertainment Symposium or the Entertainment Law Association, understudies can change over their study hall information into down to earth understanding.

Fordham University

Notwithstanding offering law understudies various externship openings, Fordham’s graduate school, situated in New York City, offers coursework past the customary diversion law educational program. Fordham’s courses mirror the business’ changing condition by consolidating new media and the Internet into its instructing. The school additionally perceives that auxiliary abilities, for example, arrangement and tax assessment preparing, are indispensable to an amusement lawyer’s prosperity. At last, Fordham’s meaning of amusement is expansive and incorporates elite athletics. Law understudies with an enthusiasm for joining their energy for sports with their enthusiasm for the law might need to consider Fordham.

New York University

New York University School of Law, situated in popular Greenwich Village, isn’t just regularly positioned as a top graduate school in distributions, for example, “U.S. News and World Report,” yet in addition eminent as a top amusement graduate school. Since it is comparable to Ivy League schools as far as notoriety and instruction, affirmation is very serious. Understudies who endure the confirmation cycle can look over among 43 amusement related upper-level courses.

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It follows all the traditions and cultural values of the place where the industry is established. It also settles all the agreements, contracts and partnership issues legally. Moreover, it also cares about foreign policies and their rules, traditions, and culture. An entertainment lawyer may help you to complete all the legal issues and take care of all related responsibilities as well as rights. Entertainment law and the lawyers take care of all existing or future contracts.

These contracts may be amended from time to time. These contracts produce a union and unite the relationship between tenant and third parties about the site or permission about holding the tenant operations. These shows don’t limit to any extent you can make a contract of any type like concerts, comedy shows, and theatres as well. it not only secures your right but also provide the best way to complete the task according to legalities.

The importance of entertainment law

There are a lot of benefits to having an entertainment lawyer. It will stimulate all the legal issues related to entertainment and related terms. He can understand the complex theories, terms, and legal meters related to entertainment industries. Entertainment law will help you to secure your profit and capital on the legal industry too. The lawyer spent enough time on research and paperwork that you will exactly need to in the position for getting proper right. An entertainment lawyer will help the new persons to get proper knowledge about legal formalities and investments on entertainment industries as well.

Entertainment lawyers also work as your agent to deal with other parties that are beneficial for you. He must take care of all the terms and condition of your company and explain according to the companies rules too. The greatest advantage of entertainment law is they have vast knowledge about every aspect of the entertainment industry. Anyone who is working in the entertainment industry must be liable to pay taxes. By entertainment law your lawyer will settle them and give you the full legal and right advises as well. the lawyer will give you the best options and complete your legal formalities to pay the taxes too.

Entertainment lawyer also helps you for all bookings, sight arrangements and another type of legal duties that you will face in the future. Normally a lawyer goes through all of such issues and terms that you have to face while running a show, concert, or a show anywhere according to laws and rules. A lawyer knows all terms and condition. So, having an entertainment law is very useful and helpful for you and your industry as well. the entertainment industry is filled with competition and race of winning the hearts of people. For being a fresh person in an industry you have the legal guidance to complete your growth and development as well.


Entertainment law is a unique law that holds many other laws to provide benefits to its users. It provides a verity of a legal right that protects your existence and take care of your assets as well. entertainment law helps the famous actors, director, and composers to secure themselves while taking any contract and responsibility. It helps you to secure the company’s position, reputation and other legal matters as well. it will secure customers right and provide fair dealing options. It also resolves your disputes and legal issues of payments and collection adequately.