Top Real estate Law Schools in the World


Real estate law or property law is the type of law that deals with how to buy a property, mortgage a house or sell it to someone. In fact, it is the law that tells how people acquire any kind of property and what they can do with the property that they have. There are number of law institutes available in the world that provide real estate law education. You have to choose best real estate law school if you want to excel in real estate law career.

Real estate is defended as the area of land encompasses any permanent developments attached to the land. These improvements may be natural or man-made consist of buildings, homes, schools, trees, minerals, fences, parks, and bridges. These are solid and have proper existence on earth as well. Real estate law not only deals with purchase and sale of real property, land or any structure build on it. It also encompasses all legal issues relevant to real property and also everything that attached to the property or building such as appliances, fixtures, and plants.

Why Real estate Law is Important?

Moreover, the practice of real estate law includes highly complex and multiple verities of tasks. It will be based on property sales and acquisitions, titling, land usage, surrounding environment effect, growth or development, leasing or rental, financing, joint ventures, limitation or restrictions and workouts, and related litigations as well.

Real estate lawyers eventually make documentation and review all the transactions related to real estates, like their buying, rental service, inspections and applications. They also help to resolve their titling, insurance and environmental problems. As people deal wrongly in real estate transactions, real estate lawyers take serious action for their clients and defend or argue in the court.

Top 18 Real estate Law Schools in the World

Realestate Law SchoolCountryContact Info
Albany Law SchoolUSA+1 518 445 2326
University of MiamiUSA+1 305 284 6746
California Western School of LawUSA+1 619 525 1401
Duquesne UniversityUSA412 396 6000
Europese Hogeschool BrusselBelgium02 210 12 11
Florida Coastal School of LawUSA+1 904 680 7700
University of FloridaUSA+1 352 392 1365
Hofstra UniversityUSA+1 516 463 5858
City University Hong KongHong Kong (PRC)(852) 2788 7654
John Marshall Law SchoolUSA+1 312 427 2737
University of Missouri (Kansas City)USA+1 816 235 1111
New York Law SchoolUSA+1 212 431 2888
University of Queensland (UQ)Australia+61 7 3365 2206
University of South AfricaSouth Africa00-27-11-670-9000
University of Southern CaliforniaUSA+1 213 740 1111
Stetson UniversityUSA+1 386 822 7100
University HumanwissenschaftenLiechtenstein+423 392 40 10
Western New England UniversityUSA+1 413 782 1406

Real estate Law benefits

Owning a real estate property is a great source of pride and security for everyone. For those persons, real estate law has plenty of significant and advantages. Over time it is a long-term investment that secures your property rights. As a property holder, you have some individual rights. Consequently, it is the user’s responsibility to learn about all terms and conditions. You must know about basic real estate law and how you get benefits from these laws.

Real estate law explains every single term and document that you need. You can review documents pertaining for loan, land survey, title, and documentation as well. it makes you able to easily sale and purchase every property, land, and building etc.

Moreover, working under real estate law offers title insurance that saves your time, money, and energy too. Title insurance is highly recommended while sale a property. It explains that your selling property, land or building is completely clear and legal to sale anyone. Ideally, working under real estate law allows you peace of mind. It makes it clear and confirmed that the property you are buying is safe and clear from any issue.

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The right of possession a property

Possession is called a basic right for having a property or owning a property. It also explains that the related person is titleholder for a specific property. In short or easy term, you can say a titleholder is a person owning a particular property.

The right of controlling a property

Real estate law also allows you to control property by owning, sailing or transfer it to anyone else. In this way, a user feels saves and freedom to manage his property according to his own will. He may also transfer a limited title-holding, share the title and give on a rental basis or contract bases.

The right of execution a property

This real estate law allows the user to execute anyone from your land, building, and property as well. As a property holder, you are the main titleholder of property in this way you may allow or may not allow anybody to come on your property.

The right to enjoy from a property

A titleholder can hold any function, party, and seminar on his property. He may do such activities under the local constitutions and law. You can also celebrate different personal and family functions that you want to celebrate according to the rules and principles of local govt as well.

The right of disposition a property

It is a basic right of an owner to transfer property to other parties as a private owner you will disposition a property according to your need and will. The law of real estate enables a property owner or title holder to transfer his property to anyone without facing any propaganda. This transfer may be a permanent or temporary basis.


Real estate law is highly beneficial and compulsory for fair usage, sale, purchase, transfer and contract sharing. It allows a titleholder to attain all benefits along with title insurance. He will enjoy every right legally and able to manage his property. It keeps you and your property secure and protected.


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