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The study of law basically gives extensive knowledge of society and develops the student’s ability to understand the complexity of legal issue. While, choosing the top law schools means, students wanted to understand the law and legal system. Because it will help them to solve complicated problems in an independent, logical and methodical way. In order to know about top law schools in Sweden, here is the detail about. The law universities and top law schools in Sweden include Lund University, Uppsala University and Stockholm University.

Top Law Schools in Sweden

Lund University

Lund University is a public university, and listed in world’s top 100 universities. The university is located in the city of Lund in the province of Scania, Sweden. Lund University does not have any separate school of law, rather it has Law department, under the facility of law. The law programs at Lund University offer one of the best and advanced law degree programs. The Lund University offers Master degrees programs alongside free online law courses and Doctoral Program.

Master Programs

The law department at Lund University offers different international Master’s programs. The first one is two 2-year Master’s program in International Human Rights Law and European Business Law, and a 1-year Master’s in European and International Tax Law, Master’s Program in Sociology of Law. In addition university offers Master of Laws Program (Swedish Professional Law Degree)

Masters of Laws in International Human Rights Law

It is 2 years program with 120 credit hours, with four semesters this degree is designed with modern aspects, problems and better understanding of human rights. University offers this degree incorporation of Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. For the first and second semester students comes to know about the basic human rights, human rights law and international law. While from half term of second semester students can select elective course. Then there is Procedural Law course equivalent to 15 higher education credits in third semester. The fourth and final term is designated to the Master Thesis, 30 credits.

Masters of Law in European Business Law

It’s also a 2 years law program with 120 credit hours; it provides the students with general and specific knowledge of the European Union legal framework. That is essential for students, if they wanted to pursue the career as legal advisers or business decision-makers. The Masters Degree program is design to give in-depth understanding of both the practical and the theoretical aspects of business law within the European Union. Besides that, students also acquire knowledge of EU constitutional law as a necessary basis for a full understanding of European business law.

Masters of Law in European and International Tax Law

The one year master program is designed with 60 credit hours and subjects includes regarding European and International Tax Law. The degree will provide an understanding of the European Union’s legal system and how the tax laws of EU’s internal market operate in a cross border context. Furthermore, students will learn how to find and use EU and international legal material. Degree also offers a distinguish combination of specialist courses in both direct and indirect taxation with special focus on EU law.

Master’s Program in Sociology of Law

The 2 years and 120 credit hours program is specifically design to give knowledge about the study of law, legal institutions and legal behavior in a social context. It offers an advanced impression of sociology of law with the possibility of specialization in socio-legal areas. These areas are

  • Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Legal Cultures and Comparative Law
  • Human Rights
  • The Legal Profession
  • Policy and Regulation at National and International Levels
  • Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Law from a Gender Perspective

Master of Laws Program (Swedish Professional Law Degree)

The Master of Laws program at the Faculty of Law in Lund is 270 credits over 4.5 years of full-time study. This degree awards eligibility for professions such as judge, prosecutor, lawyers and enforcement officer, with other public and private jobs. It is also possible to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Science after six semesters. For the first three years, students will be introduced to the basic law area. The next semesters will allow the students to choose the electives. During the last semester, students produce a written degree project within a legal area of their choice.

Doctoral Program

The doctoral program is designed for extensive research in the law and allows the students to choose the different specification of law. Each year, the faculty checks the progress about the research which students are conducting.

Free Online Law Course

The Lund University offer free online courses in law regarding:

Course 1: European Business Law, Understanding the Fundamentals

Course 2: European Business Law, Doing Business in Europe

Course 3: European Business Law, Competing in Europe

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Uppsala University

Falls in the world’s top 100 universities; the Uppsala University is oldest university not only in Sweden but entire Nordic area. It was founded in 1477 in Uppsala, Sweden. The Uppsala University has not school of Law; in fact it has faculty or department of law.  The department of law offers undergraduate and graduate law degree. Basically the law degree consists of two levels, the undergraduate and graduate level with 270 credit hours and 4.5 years.

Undergraduate Law Degree

The undergraduate level consists of six semesters, 180 credits, and focuses on studies of basic mandatory subjects. The courses include:

  • Basic Legal Methodology
  • Constitutional law and Constitutional EU law
  • Civil law 60 Criminal and Procedural law
  • Association law and Tax law
  • Administrative law and International law

On the other hand, the graduate level offers two elective courses of student’s choice.  While the basic courses are:

  • Legal History and Jurisprudence
  • Final Exam Project

Masters Program

The Faculty of Law at Uppsala University offers four master programs for a year, starting every autumn semester with 60 credit hours. While one Master Program is consists of two years and basically a joint degree.

Master of Law in Intellectual Property (IP) Law

This one year program at Uppsala University’s Faculty of Law offers a unique program Sweden. The Program is intended to provide in-depth understanding of central issues in International (including EU) Intellectual Property Law. The program covers knowledge of the market, competition, contract and tort law. It is one year and 60 credit hours program.

Masters of Law in International Investment Treaty Arbitration

Well this Master Program in International Investment Treaty Arbitration is a one-year full-time postgraduate degree program. The idea behind this law program is to provide the students with modern and comprehensive knowledge of international arbitration concerning disputes between investors and host States.

Master of Law in International Tax Law and EU Tax Law

This one year master degree program is designed to provide the better understanding and knowledge of international and EU Tax law. Degree covers the comparison between the two laws, basic and major issues between them. Not only that the degree also covers the domestic legislation as well.

Masters of Laws in Joint Nordic Master Program in Environmental Law

This extensive Masters degree is designed to meet the challenges of regional, EU and international environmental issue. The two years program of 120 credit hours is basically offer the study about laws for managing climate change and other environmental problems. Environmental law is very complex and dynamic and experts are requested both nationally and internationally.

Doctoral Degree

It is the highest possible educational degree in Sweden. At Juridical a doctoral education is offered in 15 research topics and nine private law sub-fields. The program, is high quality, prepares the students for qualified positions in academia, industry, government and society in general.

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Stockholm University

Stockholm University is a public university in Stockholm, Sweden. It is founded as a college in 1878, with university status since 1960. Without having a separate School of Law, Stockholm University has department of law. Stockholm University offers Masters programs only, with three LL.M programs in English and one in Swedish language. Besides the Master degree programs, it also offers a Doctoral studies, LL.D for four years.

Masters Degree Programs

There are basically four master’s degrees; three is English language and one in Swedish language.

Masters of Laws (LL.M) in International Commercial Arbitration Law

It is recognized as internationally top ranked program, it offer a combination of theory and practice. A variety of learning formats are used based on scholarly studies of complex topical issues, including an extensive mock arbitration. Students can polish their legal research, writing and presentation skills through individual and group assignments, and by authoring a master’s thesis. It is one year program with 60 credit hours. The subjects include:

  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Advanced International Arbitration
  • Master Thesis in International Commercial Arbitration

Master of Laws (LL.M) in European Economic Law

The program is designed to provide knowledge in Advanced European Economic Law. It includes the deep knowledge in one of three cutting-edge areas of European Economic Law: EU Competition Law; The Digital Internal Market and its Social Dimension, or EU Banking and Financial Law. In relation to the compulsory introductory course, this second course allows students to expand their knowledge of both the particular subjects and the relevant methodologies.

This program covers:

  • Advanced European Economic Law
  • The Digital Internal Market and its Social Dimension
  • EU Competition Law
  • EU Banking and Financial Law
  • Legal Methods in Research and Practice
  • Master Thesis in European Economic Law

Master of Laws (LL.M) in European Intellectual Property Law

The European Intellectual Property Law is a one-year program to provide the basic knowledge about Advanced IP course. After that it offers specialized elective course for in depth understanding Industrial Property Law with Patents & Trade Marks or Copyright Law & Transborder IP Conflicts. The master’s thesis in the second term completes the program.

The degree offers following study criteria and subjects:

  • Module 1: Advanced Intellectual Property Law
  • Module 2 a: Industrial Property, Patents and Trade Marks
  • Module 2 b: Copyright and Transborder Litigation
  • Module 3: Master Thesis in European Intellectual Property Law

Other than this degree, Stockholm University offers LL.M in Swedish language. It is 4 and half year program.

Doctoral Degree Program

The Doctoral Degree Program is four years of full-time studies, leading to a Doctor of Laws Degree (LL.D). Most time is devoted to the writing of a thesis, normally in the form of a monograph that should not exceed 300 pages. In addition, two obligatory courses Philosophy of Social Science and Fundamental Concepts in Law with 7.5 credit hours each subject.

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