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University of Canterbury Christchurch

It is one of top law school in New Zealand and consistently ranking in the top 150 law schools worldwide. It is located in Christchurch, combines academic firmness with the development of essential legal skills. The school of law has strong reputation in traditional areas of law and offer innovative courses investigating the ways law intersects with Antarctica, the media, sport, and medicine.

City: Christchurch

Mode: Full/Part-Time

World Ranking: 101-150

Average Course Duration: 12 Months to 24 Months

Tuition Fees (Approx.): 33,000 NZD

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Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree is internationally recognized, and the School of Law is ranked in the top 150 of law schools worldwide. The world high ranked and experience staff, who are regarded as leading experts in their fields – many having written the textbooks that underpin legal studies in New Zealand.The four-year law degree comprises compulsory 100 and 200-level courses (providing a solid background in core legal knowledge and skills), and optional 300-level course.

Besides that, the school of law offers the students to select second degree during the course of their study. This is facilitated by the provision for cross credits between the LLB and other degrees. Common double degree choices are LLB/B.Com, LLB/BCJ, LLB/BA and LLB/BSc. The minimum timeframe for completion of a double degree is five years of fulltime study

Bachelor of Criminal Justice

It is three-year degree combines multi-disciplinary academic study with a strong vocational focus, and provides the first and only comprehensive grounding in the New Zealand criminal justice system. Never before has there been a vocational degree like it offered at a New Zealand university. The dynamic and multi-disciplinary Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree is of huge benefit to anyone who wants to work or is working in the diverse field of criminal justice.

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Master Degree Programs in Law

Masters of International Law and Politics

It is a One year specialist Master of Laws degree (LLM) in International Law and Politics consists of 120 points. The ILAP is offered through the School of Law and the Department of Political Science and International Relations. The degree courses emphasize current problems and issues in international law and politics, with attention to the theoretical significance, as well as to the practical challenges, of actions in the international arena. The subjects include International Law, Europeans Law, International Criminal Law, European Public Law, International Humanitarian Law, World Trade Law and other subjects as well.

Master in Law LL.M

The Canterbury LL.M programs offer a wide choice of topics for either general study or specialized research drawing on particular academic strengths in the Faculty. Students can make their course content to enable them to develop their own interests and achieve personal benefit.

LL.M by Thesis, the LL.M by thesis gives candidates the flexibility to thoroughly research an area of particular interest. In certain circumstances and with approval, students enrolled for the LL.M by thesis can transfer to the PhD degree.

The second one is LL. M by Research Papers and Dissertation; the LL.M by Research Papers and Dissertation is a research based LL.M program.

The PhD Research Degree Program

The School of Law faculty offers a full range of supervision for doctoral studies. PhD inquiries should be made in the first instance to the Postgraduate Administrator. Between five and 10 PhD students are studying in the Law School at any one time. The school of law offers this degree in full and part-time study options are available

The minimum requirements are the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree (with a sufficient grade of Honors) or a Masters degree in Law (or a relevant subject).


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