The state of Massachusetts have some top law schools in America. These top law schools is Massachusetts offers unique law study, graduate degrees programs. LL.M programs and S.J.D programs. So students are quite lucky to have top law schools in Massachusetts. So, find the best law schools, colleges and universities in Massachusetts. Law Students can choose school of law from the top law Schools in Massachusetts, that are University of Massachusetts-School of Law, Harvard Law School, Boston University School of Law and Sufflok University Law School.

14 Best Law Schools in Massachusetts

Law SchoolLocationContact Info
Massachusetts School of Law500 Federal St+1 978-681-0800
Boston College Law School885 Centre St+1 617-552-4340
Suffolk University Law School120 Tremont St+1 617-573-8000
Harvard Law SchoolDavid J. Sargent Hall+1 617-495-3109
Northeastern University School of Law416 Huntington Ave+1 617-373-2200
Western New England Law School1215 Wilbraham Rd+1 413-782-3111
New England Law | Boston154 Stuart St+1 617-451-0010
UMass Law333 Faunce Corner Rd+1 508-985-1149
Roger Williams University School of Law10 Metacom Ave+1 401-254-4500
New England Law | Boston Clinical Law 46 Church St+1 617-422-7380
Harvard Law School Alumni Center125 Mount Auburn St # 4+1 617-495-3051
S. Prestley Blake Law Center1215 Wilbraham Rd+1 413-782-1406
Harvard Defenders1607 Massachusetts+1 617-495-4413
Kelly Law Registry10 Post Office Square B+1 617-956-4076

University of Massachusetts-School Of Law

The University Of Massachusetts School Of Law is a public law school located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. It is the only public law school in Massachusetts. University of Massachusetts-School of Law offers three years with 90 credit hours Juris Doctor Degree Program. And for part time the degree will take 4 and half years. Other than this degree program, school of law offers Joint degree program with J.D.

The first one is 3 plus 3 degree program for 6 years. For 3 and half years for JD/ MBA Degree Program with 90 credit hours. School of law also offers the 4 years degree program of JD and Masters in Public Policy and for 4 and half years for JD and Masters in Social work. The application is $50, while the full time tuition is $28,626 and part-time is$21,563.

Top Law Schools in Massachusetts 1

Harvard Law School

Founded in 1817, Harvard Law School is one of the professional and prestigious graduate schools of Harvard University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard Law School offers 3 years Juris Doctor Degree Program along JD with joint degrees program. These programs include Joint degree program in Law and Business, Law and Urban Planning, Law and Government.

The World’s top Law Schools in Massachusetts, Harvard Law School and University of Cambridge offers J.D/LL.M. Joint Degree Program and Law and Public Health. Then the Law School offers one year LL.M Harvard’s LL.M. for students include lawyers working in firms, government officials, law professors, judges, diplomats, human rights activists, doctoral students, business men and women, and others.

The last one is the Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.). This is Harvard Law School’s most advanced law degree. The full-time program application fee is $85 with tuition is $64,978.

Boston University School of Law

Ranked as 22nd in the country, Boston University School of Law is the law School of Boston University. It is located on the university’s campus on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts founded in 1872. Students can select from more than 200 courses and seminars, one of the widest selections of any law school.

It also offers three regular LL.M Degree Programs in Health Law, Tax Law, and Intellectual Property. Asides from these subjects law schools offers LL.M in executive LL.M in International Business Law, LL.M in Taxation, Masters In study of Tax Law, Two Years LL.M Program, Extended LL.M Program and online LL.M Programs.

This law school offers 85 credit hours, three years Juris Doctor Degree Program. The Boston University School of Law offers 17 different dual degree programs with 6 to 7 years of completion. Then there are some Graduate and certificates programs are offered for J.D and LL.M students. With April 1 the last date, the full-time program application fee at the School of Law at Boston University is $85 and is $55,076.

Top Law Schools in Massachusetts 2

Sufflok University Law School

The Suffolk University Law School is a private, law school located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Sufflok University Law School offers three years full  84 credit hours and 4 years part time Juris Doctor Degree Program. Then school has designed  accelerated students can get the degree in 24 months (full-time) or 36 months (part-time evening) with sane 84 credit hours.

And for those who already have law degree there is 24 credit hours LL.M Degree program. It offers LL.M Degrees in General LL.M, JD/LL.M in Taxation and Global Law & Technology LL.M. Law School has also designed 24 credit hours for one year Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) degree with rest years for research.

Students can get dual degrees in three years through law school accelerated degree programs in JD/ MBA or dual JD/ LL.M Degree in Taxation. One of the top law Schools in Massachusetts has designed joint degree programs in MBA 76 credit hours in 5-6 years. In Taxation for 96 credit hours in 4 years, Criminal Justice 80 credit hours in 4 years.

Besides that, for JD/Master of Science in Crime & Justice Studies (MSCJS) for 80 credit hours in 4 years and Masters in Public Administration for 80 credit hours in 3 years and 1 summer program. While the part time program will be completed in 5 to 6 years. The application form fee is $60 and its tuition is full-time $48,990 and part-time is $36,738.