Top Law Schools in Louisiana


If you are a law student and looking for the top law schools in Louisiana regarding the ranking and subjects they are offering. Find the top law schools and universities in Louisiana about the number of degrees of law, course offerings, faculty of law and fee structure by the Institutes. So, if you are looking for universities and top schools in Louisiana, they are  Southern University Law Center, Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, Tulane University Law School and Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center.

Top Law Schools in Louisiana

Southern University Law Center

Southern University Law Center is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This law school opened in 1947 and it has accreditation from ABA. The Southern University Law Center offers three specialized academic programs in Juris Doctor Degrees; it includes Juris Doctor Degree Option and dual degrees like the Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration Degrees, and Juris Doctor/MBA Options.

The Juris Doctor (JD) program is designed for professional training in the field of civil as well as specific to Louisiana and common law. Besides that, the Law schools offers with its French and Spanish origins (civil law), Anglo-American law (common law) is also well included into the curriculum.

One of the top law schools in Louisiana offers JD/MPA joint degree program. Students need to complete 123 credit hours, minimum of 87 hours of law coursework and as well as 36 hours of public administration coursework. For the degree of JD/MBA it requires you must complete 84 credit hours and 36 in the SUBR COB MBA program. So, students need to complete total of 120 semester hours. Alongside that, Southern University Law Center offers two certificate programs as well.

It includes the certificate in Public Law for 15 credit hours and certificate in Tax law for 16 credit hours. Not only should that in order to get the certificate students obtain 3.0 GPA. The law school application fee for full and part time is $50 and the full tuition fee for full time program is $16,490 and part-time: is $14,554.

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law is a private law school in New Orleans, Louisiana. This school offers degree in Juris Doctorate program, and three combined degree programs with J.D. while the other degree program is LL.M in US Law and Individualized Study LL.M for U.S J.D Graduates. Not only that the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law offers 8 different certificated programs as well.

The other top aw Schools in Louisiana, Loyola University New Orleans College of Law offer certificate programs. These certificate programs include Civil and Common law, environmental law, international legal studies, law, technology and entrepreneurship. Other subjects include social justice, taxation law, immigration and citizenship law, practice and in health law range from 12 credit hours to 14 credit hours and for some certificates an additional 9 credit hours to be completed. Being a private school of law the full time tuition and fee is $44,330 and for part-time is $33,620.

Tulane University Law School

Tulane University Law School is located in It is located on Tulane’s Uptown campus in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is 12th oldest Law school of USA established in 1847. Tulane University Law School has designed five LL.M programs with two full-time semesters in campus and with acceptable completion of 24 semester hours. Although there is no thesis requirement, degree candidates are required to write at least one paper in connection with a seminar in their field of interest or in fulfillment of a directed research project.

These programs include General LL.M, LL.M in Admiralty, LL.M in American Law, LL.M in Energy & Environment and LL.M in International & Comparative Law. Besides these LL.M programs the Law school offers Juris Doctor, Doctor of Juridical Science and Master of Jurisprudence.

Other than these degree programs the Tulane University Law School also offers some concentration programs as well. It includes Sports law, energy and environment law, admiralty and maritime law, and international comparative law. The law school does not offer part time study, so the full time program tuition fee is $56, 572.

Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center

The Paul M. Hebert Law Center, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. This law school is the part of the Louisiana State University System. At Paul M. Hebert Law Center students can have a J.D./C.L. graduation degree. And as well as the graduate diploma in the comparative law. For the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, students need to complete total of 94 credit hours. Students may also earn the optional Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law (D.C.L.) degree by completing some fifteen credit hours as part of the 94 credit hour program.

Other than this, the law school offer different J.D combined degree in MBA, Mass Communication, M.P.A, and M.S. in Finance program and master for social work program. Alongside these programs the law center also offers LL.M program as well. The Masters of laws program includes American law, common law and civil law legal education combined with a comparative law. The Paul M. Hebert Law Center in state tuition fee is $23,600 and $39,100 abroad with $50 application fee.




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