Top Law Schools in England (UK)


Top Law Schools in England UK

For student of law, the most important fact is selecting best place or institutions which matches it academic potential. Those students are successful who looked for the best law schools. And lucky if you living in England and looking for the best law schools in England, it has world’s top two and three ranked universities which offers Law. England Law Schools and universities like Oxford University and University of Cambridge are the top law institutions in England are world’s most prestigious law educational institutions.

Top 20 Law School in England (UK)

RankLaw School in UKContact NumberWebsite
1University of Oxford+44 1865 270000Details
2University of Birmingham Law School+44 121 414 3637Details
3University of Westminster Law school+44 20 7911 5000Details
4The University of Law - Leeds+44 800 289997Details
5City Law School - UK+44 20 7040 0353Details
6The Dickson Poon School of Law+44 20 7848 2479Details
7School of Law - Foxhill House+44 118 378 6568Details
8Kaplan Law School+44 20 7367 6400Details
9London School of Law and Management+44 20 7620 2199Details
10UCL Faculty Of Laws+44 330 060 3100Details
11Manchester Law School+44 161 247 3046Details
12Warwick Law School, The University of Warwick+44 24 7652 3075Details
13BPP - Leeds - Whitehall Centre+44 330 060 3100Details
14Institute of Advanced Legal Studies+44 20 7862 5800Details
15Lincoln Law School+44 1522 835662Details
16Kingston Law School+44 20 8417 9000Details
17The University of Law - Birmingham+44 800 289997Details
18Nottingham Law School+44 115 848 4460Details
19Centre for Commercial law Studies+44 20 7882 8100Details
20The University of Law+44 800 289997Details

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university in Oxford, England. It established it teaching as early as 1096, and top 2 universities in the world after Harvard.  It is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world’s second-oldest university. The Faculty of Law, Oxford is the law school of the University of Oxford which has a history of over 800 years of teaching and writing law.

Oxford’s all law courses involve serious work to a very high academic standard, and the BCL and Masters in Jur are extraordinary in their use of tutorials as a principal means of course delivery. Both of these programs offer a widespread variety of options and the opportunity to specialize in certain fields or to select a diverse combination of courses. Other than these law programs, the faculty also offers the MSc in Law and Finance, the MSc in Taxation, and the Postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Practice.

Faculty of Law, Oxford is the law school of the University of Oxford offers undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research study program.

The Undergraduate Study Program

The undergraduate Law programs include:

BA in Jurisprudence

The BA in Jurisprudence is a full time or regular three year undergraduate law degree. This law degree is equivalent to LLB degree in other universities. Not only that this law degree is also a ‘qualifying law degree’ for the purpose of practice as a solicitor or barrister in England and Wales. Besides the compulsory courses, students can choose two optional courses as well.

BA in Jurisprudence with Senior Status

The BA in Jurisprudence with Senior Status is three year of regular law degree, designed for students who already have at least one other university degree. The grant of Senior Status is in the discretion of the admitting college. The effect is that the student is exempt from the first public examinations, and joins the BA course after this point.

BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe

This undergraduate law degree program is extension of BA Law Program with one year of abroad study. For the first two years, students on the Law with Law Studies in Europe program follow the same courses as those on the regular BA Law program. In addition with classes preparing them for the year abroad, that is the third year.  After that, students then return to Oxford to rejoin the final year of the regular BA Law program.

Diploma in Legal Studies

It is a one year program, it for those students who are studying in universities parting with Oxford University.

Postgraduate Taught

The Postgraduate law degrees offered by Faculty of Law at University of Oxford are:

Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL)

The Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) is world-renowned taught graduate course in la. It offers to, to students who have highest level of knowledge from ‘Common Law’ backgrounds. As a Master’s level degree, its academic standard is mush higher than that required in a first law degree, such as a BA, LLB, or JD. Well BCL have no compulsory courses; instead, students to select four options from a selection of 40 or so on offer in any given year. In place of one of the four taught options, students may choose to write a dissertation of 10,000 to 12,500 words on a topic of their own selected topic.

Magister Juris (MJur)

The degree has the same requirement and demand as Oxford expects from the students. But for this Master degree, students much have outstanding knowledge about ‘Civil Law’. And then only those students will have admission. It has same study structure as of BCL.

The MSc in Law and Finance

This postgraduate program is launched in 2010; it is a full-time 10 months. This law degree program offers the students with a previous background in law the chance to develop an advanced interdisciplinary understanding of relevant economic and financial contexts to Law.

MSc in Taxation

It is 2 years program; the MSc in Taxation is designed by a combination of lawyers and economists. The degree is taught by lawyers and economists from the Faculty of Law and the Center for Business Taxation. While there are 9 subjects, and students have to take 3 compulsory and 6 elective subjects.

MSt in International Human Rights Law

This is a joint degree program by Department for Continuing Education and the Faculty of Law. It is 22 months part time degree program for  lawyers and other human rights advocates.

Top Law Schools in England (UK) 1

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a collegiate public research university in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Founded in 1209 and granted a Royal Charter by King Henry III in 1231, Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world’s fourth-oldest surviving university. It is top 3rd world rank university.

The University of Cambridge has Faculty of Law, which offers different law degrees. It offers one undergraduate law program BA Faculty of Law, LL.M, Masters in Corporate Law, Doctorate in Law and one joint JD/LL.M degree in partnership with Harvard University.

BA Faculty of Law

It is the unique program offered by the Faculty of Law at University of Cambridge to enhance the knowledge of law of the students.

LL.M (Master of Law)

The Faculty of Law at University of Cambridge has designed the LL.M program for 9 months, and it runs from October to June every year. Besides the compulsory law subjects, students have to choose electives from international law, commercial law, European law or intellectual property topics. Or they can write a thesis instead any one of topic.

Master is Corporate Law (MCL)

The course offers students the chance to connect in comprehensive study of the legal and regulatory framework. Through which companies are governed and financed, is now a core component of the academic curriculum which the Cambridge Law Faculty offers. The MCL, a full-time nine-month program, is taught by the Cambridge Law Faculty’s team of corporate lawyers.

Postgraduate Research Degrees

The Law Faculty offers two degrees awarded on the basis of full-time supervised research:

The Three-Years PhD

The PhD is awarded after three to four years of full-time research on the basis of a dissertation of 80,000 to 100,000 words. Examination for the PhD involves an oral examination by two examiners. Research students who intend to undertake PhD research are in the first instance automatically registered for a one-year research training program leading to the Certificate of Postgraduate Study (CPGS) in Legal Studies.

The Two-Years MLitt

The MLitt is awarded after two years of full-time research on the basis of a dissertation not exceeding 60,000 words inclusive of footnotes but exclusive of appendices, bibliography, table of contents and any other preliminary matter. Examination for the MLitt also involves an oral examination by two examiners.

Students who take MLitt research are in the first instance automatically registered for a one-year research training program leading to the Certificate of Postgraduate Study (CPGS) in Legal Studies.

Joint JD/LL.M degree

The Harvard Law School and University of Cambridge J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree Program for 3.5 years. Students selected for the program spend their 3L year in Cambridge and are entitled to receive the Cambridge LL.M. at the end of the year upon successfully completing all LL.M. degree requirements.

Diplomas in Law

The Faculty of Law offers two postgraduate diplomas. They are one years based program and students have to write a thesis not exceeding 30,000 words.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Law
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