Top Law Schools in Alabama


Most of law students are very choosy and conscious about selecting the law schools, colleges and universities for the their law degrees. And if your are in Alabama, you don’t have to be conscious about to find the top law schools in Alabama. Find the best universities and top law schools in Alabama. The Top Law Schools in Alabama are The Thomas Goode Jones School of Law Faulkner University, Samford University Cumberland School of Law, University of Alabama Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. School of Law.

Best Law Schools in Alabama

Law School / UniversityLocationContact Info
University of Alabama School of LawTuscaloosa+1 205-348-5440
Thomas Goode Jones School of LawMontgomery+1 800-879-9816
Birmingham School of LawBirmingham+1 205-322-6122
Cumberland School of LawBirmingham+1 205-726-2702
Miles Law SchoolFairfield+1 205-923-7739
The University of AlabamaAlabama+1 205-348-6010
Fortis CollegeMobile+1 251-344-1203
Samford UniversityBirmingham+1 205-726-2011
Faulkner UniversityMontgomery+1 334-272-5820

 Faulkner University

The Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, also known as Faulkner Law School is one of the professional graduate schools of Faulkner University, based in Montgomery, Alabama. Faulkner Law or The Thomas Goode Jones School is one of the affordable private law schools in the U.S.A. The law school offers charitable, merit-based scholarships for applicants with LSAT scores above and slightly below the national average (150). And different most schools, the Law College provide additional scholarships for exceptional educational performance during law school.

The Thomas Goode Jones School of Law Faulkner University offers two degree programs. The first one is 88 credit hours Juris Doctor (J.D.) Program. And the second one is Joint J.D./LL.M. in Dispute Resolution.  This degree is purposefully designed to allow students to have both the J.D. and LL.M. degrees in the s three years. While the J.D. students can apply up to 12 credit hours towards both degrees for 100 Credit hours. On the other hand, J.D. students can earn the 24-credit hour LL.M. degree full-time or part-time over a maximum of five years. With no application fee, The Faulkner university tuition fee is $39,185.

Top Law Schools in Alabama 1

Samford University

Samford University’s the second smallest law school in the region and has the second highest bar passage rate located in Birmingham Alabama. Samford University has Cumberland School of Law. The Samford University offers two degrees, the one is Juris Doctor Degree and other is the Master of Laws LL.M.  

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) program is a fully online and 30 credit hour master’s degree program offered by Cumberland School of Law. The program is designed primarily for lawyers and they can take the LL.M degree in areas like, Financial Services Regulatory Compliance, Health Law and Policy, Higher Education Law and Compliance, and Legal Project Management. While Cumberland School of Law offers the Juris doctor, the classic degree for a practicing lawyer. First-year classes cover the fundamental legal concepts that are the basis for all Anglo-American law.

With the basic stress is on legal analysis, legal writing, research, and lawyering skills. For the Second-and third-year students have 15 to 16 credit hours for fall and spring semester. Well the Samford University offers electives for Juris Doctor are Administrative Law, Business and Commercial Law, Entertainment Law, Family Law and Estate Planning and Health Law.

Other law studies includes Intellectual Property/Privacy Law, International Law, Labor, Employment, and Employment Discrimination Law, Legislation, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Regulation, Skills Development and Taxation. The Samford university full time fee is $40,150.

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University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is a public research university in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It is the flagship of the University of Alabama System. Established in 1820, the University of Alabama is the oldest and largest of the public universities in Alabama. And its law school is The Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. School of Law. The University Of Alabama School Of Law offers degrees in Juris Doctor, alongside J.D joint degree programs in MBA, MSCE, Tax LL.M, Business Transactions LL.M, JD MA and JD PH.D.

Besides that there are International Graduate program and Masters of Laws LL.M. The LL.M program offers four graduate degree programs. The first three are online programs for working professionals, includes The LL.M. in Taxation and the LL.M. Concentration in Business Transactions, The Juris Masters program is also offered online but designed for non-lawyers who want tax training. The International LL.M. is for foreign lawyers and must be completed in residence.

The University Of Alabama School Of Law offers a highly selective one-year master’s degree program (LL.M.) for students who already have completed their basic legal education and earned a law degree in another country. The University Of Alabama School Of Law offers the Doctor of Juridical Science (J.S.D.). They  offer degree to lawyers already holding the LL.M degree and seeking to earn the terminal degree, usually in preparation for an academic career in law teaching.

Both programs are offered in residence at the University Of Alabama School Of Law in Tuscaloosa. At the Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. School of Law at The University of Alabama at is $40. The full-time tuition fee is $23,920 in the state and for studying out state is $42,180.

Top Law Schools in Alabama 3


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