Top Intellectual Property Law Schools in the World

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What is Intellectual Property law?

Intellectual Property law is an ownership law. Ideally, it includes all intangible creation of the human intellect. The Intellectual property law refers to IP Law covers all the major sectors from technology to the music industry, content writing to video capturing and much more. There are a huge number of Intellectual Properties present globally. The most famous intellectual properties such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets etc.

Besides, to intellectual property law, it protects from unauthorized use of your Intellectual property by others. In fact, the genuine ownership of Intellectual Property inherited a certain limit of the monopoly to protect such copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets as well.

Best intellectual property law Schools

Since the intellectual property law deals with rules for enforcing and securing the legal rights of their owners. so its very important to get IP Law education from a reputed law institute. Copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and patents are legal terms used to describe the rights that authors, creators and designers have over their literary and artistic work. Most important thing is the overall IP Law education which enables you to fully understand legal complications. Since we provide detail information about best law schools in the world for most demanding law fields globally. We have recently conducted a research and concluded top IP law schools which are providing quality IP Law education.

Top 12 Intellectual Property Law Schools in the World

RankIP Law School / UniversityLocationTuition Fees (Approx.)
1University of CaliforniaBerkeley, CA$52,017
2Stanford UniversityStanford, CA$64,554
3New York UniversityNew York, NY$68,934
4Santa Clara UniversitySanta Clara, CA$52,528
5George Washington UniversityWashington, DC$63,205
6University of HoustonHouston, TX$33,181
7University of New HampshireConcord, NH$38,305
8Texas A&M UniversityFort Worth, TX$31,254
9University of Pennsylvania (Carey)Philadelphia, PA$67,998
10American University (Washington)Washington, DC$57,836
11Boston UniversityBoston, MA$56,982
12Duke UniversityDurham, NC$67,358

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Types of intellectual property laws

There are four types of intellectual property law.

  • Trademark
  • Copyrights
  • Patent
  • Trade Secrets

1. Trademark

Trademark is another important intellectual property that commonly known for rights protection. Ideally, a trademark is a prominent sign that represents a company, a good, or a service as well. So, buyers can easily understand and find that product or service. For example, you will find different logos like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Facebook, and McDonald’s. These logos are the trademarks and people recognize them with their logos. These trademarks come in a letter, sign, symbol or phrase.

2. Copyrights

Copyrights are different from trademarks, and patent. It doesn’t protect ideas but it protects the tangible form of data like music, articles, art, architecture, drawings, and software coding. Copyrights allow the owner to use these against issues and illegal data usage by others. Copyrights also allow the owner to comfortably sale, purchase and donate their tangible assets like music, drawings, books, architecture, and software codes.

3. Patent

Actually, a patent is used to prevent an invention to create, sold, and use by anyone else without the owner permission. A patent is a most common intellectual property when people think about law this property rights will come in mind. A patent property owner has complete rights to commercialize his patent. He can also buy, sale, or donate his patent to another party. A convenient way to do business.

4. Trade secrets

Trade secrets are real business secrets. These trade secrets include proprietary system, formulas, strategies, or other confidential information that is prohibited to commercial usage by others. It is a safe and protective form of right that protect your business, plans, secrets, and information that provides benefits to the competitors. So, it will increase your business assets as a tangible property of trade secrets and become a perfect way to hide business secrets too.

Why should I study intellectual property law?

Intellectual property law is a highly critical protection fostering innovation that protects ownership rights. In fact, without protecting your ideas, ownership rights, and business can’t get exact benefits from their inventions and creations. People can steel intellectual property who less focus on research and development.

Moreover, intellectual property law provides exclusive rights to its creator and developer. In fact, this law allows you to share your work, information, artwork, articles, digital, and other work without any fear. Don’t keep your data confidential anymore when you have complete rights and law protection.

In addition to this, Intellectual property law provides you with a complete advantage to defend your right with the power of law. Legal defense helps you to get incentives from your creations and innovations too. It is highly beneficial and protective for creators and inventors as well.

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Ideally, intellectual property law is highly beneficial for socialization and development of the growing economy. It comes with the greatest important factors that need to share in society for the betterment and provides new ways to get advantages too. It will empower individuals to be social and take part in the development and growth of their country. Because this law protects the owner’s rights.

In fact, it will increase your company’s market value by increasing income generations and avenues. It has sales, commercialization, and licensing as well. in addition to these, it also transforms the ideas into value able profits and advantages. It enhances the image of your business that will help you to increase the value of your product like music, games, articles, and artwork. It brings high priority and commercialization to your services too.


Intellectual property rights protection law seems to give a minimum amount of right protection. But when you utilize these rights accurately, they generate maximum benefits for you. Intellectual property law maximizes the value of your company, trade, and business. In this way, the law becomes a guard of your digital, artistic, and tangible properties. So, it keeps your product, services, and business safe, protected and easy to manage.


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