Chiba University-Faculty of law


Chiba University-Faculty of Law

Chiba University and it is also abbreviated as Chibadai. It is a national university in the city of Chiba, Japan. The Chiba University was formed in 1949. It is among the top law schools in Japan. Chiba University-faculty of law offers undergraduate degrees in Jurisprudence and other law subjects. on the other hand, Chiba University Law School offers Graduate Degrees.

The Law School is a professional graduate school lasting a period of two to three years, training period. Besides that it is separate from other existing faculties and graduate schools of the University. It offers a professional education committed to connecting jurisprudence or legal theories with legal practice. On the other hand, Law School aims to educate students to be legal professionals, capable of thinking both flexibly and creatively. It provides not only specialized knowledge of law but gives a better understanding of humanity.

Chiba University-faculty of law


The Faculty of law is not a separate department. It combines with Economic and politics. It deals the underrated study programs in law with major.

Chiba University-Faculty of law offers Graduate Degrees in:

  • Theoretical Jurisprudence
  • Public Law
  • Private Law
  • Laws of International Relations

Chiba University-faculty of law

Law School

For Graduate degrees the Chiba University has separate school, the law school. Law School consists of two courses, namely, a three-year course and a two-year course. If a student’s has a former degree in law can join the 2 year program. While the new students will have 3 years law program.

The former is mainly for those who do not yet have basic legal knowledge. The latter is for those who have already acquired such knowledge.

Furthermore to being awarded the degree of Juris Doctor, students who have successfully completed either course are qualified to sit for the new National Bar Examination which started in the year of 2006.

Law Schools Offers degrees in

Public Law

It is 2 year program and some of the subjects are:

  • Basic theory of human rights
  • Basic structure of governance
  • Human Rights Security Theory
  • Administrative dispute law

Civil Law

It is 3 years program and some of the subjects which to be taught are:

  • General rules of civil law-Basic theory of property rights law
  • Basic theory of civil law
  • Basic theory of company law
  • General rules of civil law, property rights, property rights law
  • Contract Law
  • Jurisdiction, Eligibility, Benefits of Action
  • Tort law, office management, illegal gain
  • Kinship Law, Inheritance Law

Criminal Law

It is 2 year program and some of the basic subjects are:

  • Basic issues of criminal law
  • General introduction to criminal law

Criminal law

  • Basic issues regarding the law of investigation
  • Basic issues such as prosecution and evidence law

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