The American University in the Emirates, also known as AUE, is a private university located in Dubai International Academic City in the United Arab Emirates. The university was founded in 2006.
AUE is an approved university by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and is licensed by the Commission for Academic Accreditation to offer various undergraduate as well as graduate programs where students can earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
AUE is located at the Dubai International Academic City. The American University in the Emirates is located at Block 6 & 7,10. Dubai International Academic City. American University in the Emirates’ (AUE) motto is that “Nothing is Impossible” and through this empowering phrase, it continuously nurtures its students to take on their studies like taking on the working world, through a perfectly constructed pathway to success.
Since establishing in 2006 with accreditation from the Ministry of Education, AUE has grown with an ever-increasing number of students from 25 different countries. With an American educational system intact, AUE boasts seven colleges of Media and Mass Communication, Business Administration, Law, Design, Computer Information Technology, Security and Global Studies and Education, which all cater to the current and future needs of all the dominating and niche markets.
Students are able to choose from various specializations, many of which are completely unique to the GCC region and the Middle East as a whole. This encourages them to build confidence in their work and strengthen their learning capabilities with a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees taught by a plethora of educators, holding PhDs from all over the world and renowned for their own academic achievements.
AUE’s mission is to continue moving forward, adopt new technologies and utilize innovative methodologies that add value to all the multitudes of the educational process. What sets AUE apart is the aim to create leaders spearheading their respective fields of study. AUE graduates leaders, not followers, CEOs, not employees, thinkers and problem solvers, not just mere mediocre students, who contribute to the continuous advancement to the United Arab Emirates.
AUE’s approach is tailored on a student-centralized stance which puts the needs of the students at the forefront. The aim is the elevation of the levels of the outcomes of the students, encouraging and aiding their progression through hands-on experience and an on-going connection to the many partnerships of the University.
AUE strongly believes that great moments are born and great opportunities are nurtured. The University is based in a great country and a world-class city, which requires a world-class education to realize the vision of United Arab Emirates rulers.
The AUE offers academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to these, the university offers language courses for TOEFL, IELTS, ELI and other professional training programs for the business world.
Degrees offered
• Educational Psychology and Counseling
• Educational Technology
• Educational Administration and Supervision
Bachelor of Business Administration

• Logistics and Supply Chain Management
• Hospital and Health Care Management
• Insurance and Risk Management
• Human Resources Management
• E-Commerce and Marketing
• Business Management
• Accounting
• Finance
Bachelor of Media and Mass Communication
• International Relations
• Public Relations
• Radio and TV
• Media Sales
College of Computer Information Technology
• Network Security
• Digital Forensics
Bachelor of Science in Design
• Interior Design
• Fashion Design
• Graphic Design
• Digital Animation
Bachelor of Law
• Bachelor of Law
• Professional Master in Sports Law
Student life
The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) role begins from the time of a student’s enrollment in the university until graduation, and continues even afterward, by encouraging Alumni group participation.
AUE students are encouraged to actively engage in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to advance their enrichment beyond the classroom as part of a positive and holistic student life experience. The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) facilitates student activities and engagement including student clubs, athletic teams, associations, competitions, initiatives, study abroad trips, and a diverse calendar of annual events.